Stay cozy this winter with the Buff Hoodie

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I was intrigued by the Buff Hoodie. It seemed a bit silly to have just a hood, separate from a sweater. But I love being cozy so I figured I’d give it a try! Buff offers two different kinds of hoodies, a windproof version and a thermal version – I received the latter.

The hood of the thermal one is quite large. Their website description leads me to believe it is meant for snowboarding or skiing as it says a helmet can fit under it. However, there are tassels so you can cinch the hood around your face. The hood is secured to your neck with a Buff which keeps your neck warm and there is another thin Buff component that can be pulled up from the neck to cover the lower half of your face to protect it from cold and wind.

Unfortunately, my Buff Hoodie arrived just after a cold snap here. Typically, the weather in Vancouver is quite mild, occasionally reaching 0 degrees Celsius. The past few weeks didn’t give me much of an opportunity to test this product while running. I did, however, wear it during my commute and around the house. My winter jacket’s hood isn’t very big and the Buff Hoodie made a great liner that I could cinch up close around my face while I waited at the transit station. At home, I’m often quite cold so wearing the Buff Hoodie was like having a soft little blanket wrapped around my head. I also tried the Buff Hoodie out before and after runs. I always bring a bag of warm, dry clothes with me so it’s a nice addition and easy to throw on and off quickly.

Since I didn’t get an opportunity to test it in cold weather, I asked my fellow BibRave Pros who live in colder climates about their experiences. Here’s what they had to say! …

Gina: “In Minnesota it’s freezing!! I like it for running but I need to cinch tight. Also I have to put the tassels down my neck or they hit my face. Major bummer there. Buff asked me on one of my tweets and they said they hadn’t thought about the tassels bouncing. It was designed for style over function.”

Amy: “I ran with it for four hour Saturday morning. I guess it was around 30. I ALWAYS wear a winter hat starting about 35 or so. I really liked it.”

Jen: “I absolutely love it. We’ve been having some very cold weather here in Wisconsin and it is a total game-changer for me. I do pull it tight in front. Today I ran with it even though it was 35 degrees, and it was actually a tad too warm – I had to pull it down and just wear it around my neck. It is my absolute favorite new piece of cold weather gear.

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  1. its cute! and looks so cozy

  2. It looks like a great add-on for something like cross-country skiing where effort isn’t necessarily constant as one moves between downhills and uphills and one could hood up or down, face shield up or down. I find I don’t really like something too heavy on my head even in cold weather when I’m running. Constant effort creates heat that has to go somewhere and my head seems to be the best conduit with all the other body covering and layering. I do appreciate a buff on those runs into the cold but more to protect my neck and face. But perhaps the hood would be nice and keep a warm zone in front of my eyes which I find tend to layer up with ice as the moisture in my breath freezes onto my eye lashes.

  3. I love that you wear it around the house! After you told me about it at West Van Run, I had to read your review!

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