Weekend Adventures: Ice, ice, baby!


The trail was slick on Saturday when we started our group run from Lynn Headwaters. Luckily there isn’t much elevation on our route but there were a few icy dips that had a few of us sliding on our butts. Only about half of us had microspikes or Yaktrax so some of us ended up sharing so we had at least one foot with traction. This was the first time I had used microspikes which a friend had kindly let me borrow and they were AMAZING! I went out a bought a pair from MEC later that day. At $75 they are almost twice the price of Yaktrax but had better reviews, particularly with durability. The only downfall that I can find is that they are heavier to pack around. We ran all the way to Norvan falls and on the way back sunlight was gleaming through the trees. The round trip was just under 20k.

Our carpool decided to hit up the brand new north shore location of Distance Runwear after our run. I have only been to the Vancouver store once – it’s very small but packed with all the best gear and fuel. The north shore location is very similar but way more convenient for us Surrey runners that are constantly making the trek out to the north shore on weekends. I picked up some Trail Butter and ogled the awesome running packs, clothes and shoes.


It seems like everyone brought a friend or two to our run on Sunday and we ended up having quite a big group! Our route started and ended at Deep Cove (conveniently close to a coffee/donut shop). We ran more or less an out-and-back along the Baden Powell. I was hoping we’d run into some snow and ice so I could whip out my new microspikes, but the trails weren’t bad and a lot of it was completely dry. It wasn’t even THAT cold – just a little chilly.

We finished off the 20 km run with a stop at Honey’s, a local favourite. The small coffee shop is always packed with people but we managed to grab a couple tables for our group. I had my usual maple donut and an americano – delicious!!


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