Weekly Training Summary: January 18 to 24, 2016

Week 6Β of my Gorge 100k training took a turn for the worse when I got sick and my neck got super tight (not sure if it is from being sick??). I took a couple unanticipated days off to rest and recover and felt better (enough) by the weekend. I was surprise by how good Saturday’s run felt actually and on Sunday I ran a 2:10 half marathon on tired legs (which is a not bad for me at the best of times haha).

It’s shaping up to be my first ever 300+ km month (*knock on wood*) which I am super stoked about! Hoping to finally get a 90 km week as well!

  • Monday –Β Rest day
  • Tuesday –Β 10 km lunch road run
  • Wednesday –Β 14 km lunch road run
  • Thursday –Β Sick day
  • Friday –Β Sick day
  • Saturday –Β 27.2Β km morning trail run
  • Sunday –Β Chilly Chase Half Marathon
  • Total Distance –Β 73Β km
  • Total Elevation Gain –Β 1000 m
  • Total Time –Β 8h 1m


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