Weekly Training Summary: February 8 to 14, 2016

After a crappy previous week, I was glad Week 9 of my Gorge 100k training started with a long weekend Monday. It was the BC Family Day holiday so a group of us met at 5am for a sunrise hike. I did my usual 10k lunch runs during the week and topped it all off with a big weekend. It felt great and I’m back in my happy place! Only 7 more weeks to go … eek!

  • Monday –Β 10.6 km sunrise hike
  • Tuesday –Β 10 km lunch road run
  • Wednesday –Β 10 km lunch road run
  • Thursday –Β Rest day
  • Friday –Β 11.3 km lunch road run
  • Saturday –Β 43 km morning trail run
  • Sunday –Β 17.2 km afternoon trail run
  • Total Distance –Β 102.3 km
  • Total Elevation Gain –Β 3042 m
  • Total Time –Β 13h 39m


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