Weekly Training Summary: February 22 to 28, 2016

Week 11 of Gorge 100k training was my third 100k week (ok almost, I rounded up)! I ended the week by volunteering on Saturday for the Coast Mountain Trail Series Run Ridge RunΒ with a trail run of part of the course after. I realized how exhausted I was when I starting running on Sunday. Plan A had been to do 40 km, Plan B was 31 km, and what ended up happening was 27.9 km. Still overall pretty happy with the week!

  • Monday –Β 8.5 km lunch road run
  • Tuesday –Β Rest day
  • Wednesday –Β 15.1 km lunch road run
  • Thursday –Β 11 km lunch road run
  • Friday –Β 10 km lunch road run
  • Saturday –Β 24.2 km Run Ridge Run volunteering andΒ trail run
  • Sunday –Β 27.9 km trail run
  • Total Distance –Β 96.9 km
  • Total Elevation Gain –Β 2293 m
  • Total Time –Β 12h 26m


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