Weekly Training Summary: March 7 to 13, 2016

I was sick for most of week 13 of Gorge 100k training so I rested the first four days and then went for a short-ish lunch run on Friday. I wanted to get one last big weekend in before tapering for my race so I ran 25 km on Saturday and then joined the Squamish50 23k orientation run on Sunday. A group of us decided to also run the route backwards after the orientation run ended to get in some more distance!

  • Monday –Β Rest day
  • Tuesday –Β Rest day
  • Wednesday –Β Rest day
  • Thursday –Β Rest day
  • Friday –Β 7 km lunch road run
  • Saturday –Β 25 km trail run
  • Sunday –Β 42.6 km trail run
  • Total Distance –Β 74.7 km
  • Total Elevation Gain –Β 2747 m
  • Total Time –Β 10h 54m


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