Weekend Adventures: Happy birthday to me!

Saturday, May 7

Part 1

A few of my friends took me for a birthday run at Deep Cove. We started at 8:30am and already the main parking lots were full but we managed to score a spot in a farther lot. It was a really fun 15 km run where we just enjoyed ourselves and relaxed. I felt like I was a kid again running and laughing through the woods. Afterwards, we hit up a nearby juice place for smoothies and headed over to the Salomon West Van store. From there Kyle and I made a couple quick stops at MEC, Metrotown, and then SFU to pick up my new Altra Running hat!

Part 2

Jesse and I had plans to go to dinner for my birthday. He was taking me somewhere in Langley but I couldn’t quite get it out of him. He mentioned near Colossus and I started listing restaurants … Montanas? Spaghetti Factory? He mentioned Eastside Mario’s and I told him that it closed a long time ago. You would think this would tip me off, but it’s not really out of character for him.

We turned down an industrial side street and he said “Oh, this isn’t 200th Street.” No duh … wait, there’s a trampoline park here!? I looked at Jesse confused. Are we going to the trampoline park? Wait … does this mean I’m not getting dinner? My stomach was rumbling. I had only snacked when I got home from my run in anticipation of stuffing my face full of restaurant food later.

A bunch of my running and non-running friends showed up and were surprised that I was already there. I guess we were early. But for the record, I was very surprised!

Before we had left for “dinner,” I had asked if it was okay to wear my new Oiselle roga shorts. No wonder he was so enthusiastic about that. It was all starting to make sense. However, Jesse had packed a bag of athletic clothes for me to wear in case I needed to change.

The trampolining was a riot! We paid for an hour (the minimum) and honestly, that was a good chunk of time. We were all sweating instantly – it was quite the workout! My abs and arms, surprisingly enough, were sore after. There were dodgeball courts, a foam pit for jumping and flipping into, basketball hoops for dunking, and a huge area to bounce from one trampoline to the next. Awesome music was playing overhead and every so often it would go dark and black lights would come on.

We all headed to the pub after for a drink (or four) and a bite to eat. Sunday was a rest day.


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