Weekend Adventures: Volunteering at 5 Peaks Alice Lake

Saturday, April 16

The 5 Peaks Alice Lake race was only two weeks after my first 100k and since I was still in recovery mode, I decided to volunteer. This way I’d get my fix of running without actually having to race. I have also made a point to volunteer lots this year to make up for not volunteering at all my first few years of running (oops)!

Kyle, Rosie, and I carpooled up to Squamish where we met up with Willa and Chris. We were all course marshals along the extra enduro course loop. Before the race started Kyle and I also helped with the kids 3k event. They always impress me with their speed and endurance! We immediately departed for our course marshaling spots with only mild confusion about where we were supposed to be positioned.

It was fun watching everyone race and I saw lots of people I knew on the enduro loop. Unfortunately, I missed a few that did the sport course. After all the runners were through, we ran out the rest of the route with the sweeps.

Sunday, April 17

See Race Report: Vancouver Sun Run 2016.


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