Weekend Adventures: Chief Second Peak & Sea-to-Summit Trail

Saturday, June 18

Dayna, Liana, and I ventured up the Sea-to-Summit trail for some elevation climbing. The guys were busy that day so it turned out to be a ladies trip. It was much more peaceful and less dramatic than usual, ha! We made a quick stop at the Chief Second Peak after I disclosed that I had never been up there. It’s a pretty cool trail with a couple chains and ladders. I’m sure you get a great few at the top if you aren’t stuck in a cloud like we were.

We went back down to the junction and then up the Sea-to-Summit trail to the lodge. This was my second time up this trail and I really enjoy it. It’s similar to the Grouse Grind but less groomed and more variety in terrain. There are some steep sections, a couple ropes, and then flatter areas as well. It has a similar elevation gain as the Grind, about twice as long in distance, and less busy (at least when I’ve been there). The whole trail is really well marked.

Once at the top, we decided to check out the Al’s Habrich trail which was recommended by a friend. We went a couple kilometres up where we got a bit of a view and then went back down. We were about 100 m from the lodge when it started pouring rain. Phew, good thing we turned around when we did! We warmed up inside with a burger and fries and then hopped in a gondola. They provided blankets for us to take for the ride down which was a nice surprise.


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