Weekend Adventures: Crewing the Van 100

Saturday, June 11

Courtney, Kyle, and Chris set out to complete the epic Van 100, a double crossing of the Baden Powell. Dayna and I crewed them on this insane journey of 100 km, 16,000 ft elevation gain, and just under 30 hours time on feet. We ran the first 25 km from Deep Cove to Cleveland Dam and then I met them at the turnaround spot at Horseshoe Bay in the evening. After, I made a quick stop back at Cleveland Dam to hang out with the West Van Run Crew and see Mountain Mark come through before crashing at a friends house for a few hours.

Dayna surprised our group at Cypress in the middle of the night with pizza. Kyle unfortunately had to make the smart but difficult decision to drop here as he had gotten wet and cold and just wasn’t able to warm up. He was also going a little loopy after nearly 24 hours of suffering. And then I met Courtney and Chris at Cleveland Dam around 5am with a car load of gear and a thermos of warm gas station coffee. They were doing awesome and were ready to finish the last 25 km.

I went back to sleep for a few hours before meeting Dayna and Jason for a quick Grouse Grind, because we needed to get some quick training in too! On our way back down the gondola, we realized that if we hurried we could make it to Deep Cove to see Courtney and Chris finish. We drove there, parked half in a permit zone and half in a no parking zone, and hopped out just in time! We congratulated them, took a few photos, and then ran back to the car when we saw someone issuing parking tickets. Apparently we were too late and he got us with a $50 ticket. Oh well … worth it!!!

Van 100 2016


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