Legend Compression Wear: Right not Tight

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Here’s the thing about compression socks: they only work if you wear them and you only wear them if they are comfortable.

I’ve tried a few brands of compression socks now. If they are too tight, they make my legs ache and are almost unbearable to run in. Then they end up being worn only for recovery after a run or sometimes not at all.

Legend Compression Wear has the philosophy of “right not tight” which I love. They sell a number of products and I tested out their performance compression socks. Here is their description:

Our popular sports compression socks are designed for all sporting activities to enhance power and endurance while supporting the shin, ankle, Achilles, calf and arch of the foot. Our unique Graduated Compression Technology improves blood flow & oxygen levels so you to can run stronger, train harder and recover faster.

First of all, they offer them in seven solid colours: black, white, light blue, purple, pink, yellow, and the one I chose, royal blue. I measured my calf and according to their size chart I am a medium.

They fit really well – super stretchy and tight enough but not constricting. They are a little on the longer side, so if you are tall or have long shins (is that a thing?), these are definitely for you.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve tested out my Legend compression socks on four runs: two lunchtime 10 km runs, a 14 km trail run, and to top it off, a full marathon. They felt great for all of them. My legs didn’t feel restricted and I totally forgot I was even wearing compression. They may not be as effective as wearing super tight compression socks, but they are more effective than all the super tight compression socks I won’t wear because they are too uncomfortable!

Fact: compression socks make your legs appear 10% longer*
*This may not be true. This is based solely on my observations.

Now that fall is here, compression socks are great when deciding what to wear for a run. It’s a little too cold for shorts and a little too warm for pants, but the shorts and long socks combo is perfect. I’m really happy with my Legend socks and would love to get a few more pairs to have more colour selection and because I don’t do laundry often enough!

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  1. That’s a great point on the shorts / compression socks combo. I like them on long runs in general, but they are perfect for the cooler fall weather as that “in between” wear.

    1. I absolutely agree with you. But that thing with getting compression socks on your legs.. Oh, God.. Thats the real problem for me 😀

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