Weekend Adventures: Sweet Go Deep

Wow, it’s been about 4 months since I posted about my weekend adventures. Here’s hoping I can stick with it going forward!

Saturday, November 19

I ran the Foretrails Phantom Run 24.5K. Read my race report here.

Sunday, November 20

I picked up Dikesh and we drove over to Deep Cove for the Club Fat Ass event, Sweet Go Deep. The run offered three distance options 14 km, 20 km, or 40 km (two laps of the 20 km route). Directions were posted prior as the course was not marked and it was an everyone for themselves kind of event.

My friends Gary and Sarah came too and we ran the route together. Dikesh joined us for the first 5 km but then split off to do the 14 km route.

The 20 km route took us on some vaguely familiar trails north of the BP. It was fun to navigate following the written directions and the rudimentary map on my GPS watch, but not too challenging.

It took us almost 4 hours to complete the course, which in actuality was only about 18 km due to checking directions, technical trails, and tired legs.

Dikesh and Eric (the organizer) were waiting in Honey Donuts. I grabbed a maple glazed, which I shoved in my face, and a coffee to go for the drive home.


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