Weekly Training Summary: January 2 to 8, 2017

I started off the year with a bang by doing the Club Fat Ass “New Years Day 50K and Freeze Your Fat Ass Off Swim.” But technically that didn’t happen this week. It was a slow, fun run having to navigate slippery conditions and stopping at a couple Starbucks along the way. I recovered quickly and had a fantastic week following it filled with lunch runs and trail time.

  • Monday – Rest day
  • Tuesday – 10 km RUNch club road run
  • Wednesday – 8.5 km RunGo – Vancouver lunch road run
  • Thursday – 6 km + 6 km run commutes to/from the SkyTrain
  • Friday – 10 km RUNch club road run
  • Saturday – 10.8 km snow hike
  • Sunday – 23.2 km trail run with Dylan (@sweatyyetica)
  • Total Distance – 74.9 km
  • Total Elevation Gain – 1,673 m
  • Total Time – 9h 9m

My legs only started to feel the effects of fatigue during my trail run on Sunday, but still felt strong. I’m looking forward to preparing a training plan for my next goal, the Van 100 (a double crossing of the Baden Powell sometime in May) and cranking up the trail time and mileage!

Tuesday, January 3
Wednesday, January 4
Thursday, January 5
Thursday, January 5
Friday, January 6
Saturday, January 7
Sunday, January 8


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