Home Sweet Home

They say that when it rains, it pours. Well that seems to be the case with our major life events – but in a good way! A few months after finding out we were pregnant, we moved into our first home. Or I should say started moving in … because it’s been a long, drawn out process that’s been interrupted by three weddings and a trip to France, among other things. And we still haven’t got everything unpacked yet.

The last place we lived had a huge fire and the unit we rented suffered substantial water damage. A lot of our furniture was left behind because it was pretty crappy to begin with and was likely warped from the moisture. We did manage to save our TV, awesome couch, and dining set (much to my dismay). This, combined with the fact we were moving from a one bedroom condo to a three bedroom townhouse, meant that we needed A LOT of new furniture for our place.

IKEA furniture = so much cardboard!
How can a TV stand be so complicated??

I found out that if you make a list of everything you want from IKEA, that they will pick it all up from the warehouse and deliver it to your door for only $100. Seemed like a pretty good deal to this pregnant lady! I sure as hell wasn’t going to lift any heavy boxes. So we scouted out a bunch of furniture prior to moving in so we could order a delivery of EVERYTHING the day after we got possession.

The delivery guys did not seem impressed with the number of items they had to carry in and made a comment about how all the IKEA staff were talking about this enormous order. I’m not sure if they were joking or serious but I guess most people don’t furnish their entire house with IKEA stuff.

Hadley approves of this living room.
She also approves of our huge bed.

The total piece count was 54. It included a bed, a king mattress, two dressers, a daybed, two twin mattresses, a weirdly complex TV stand, coffee table, arm chair, footstool, two book cases, and two bar stools, many of which involved multiple boxes.

I did not anticipate how long this would take to set up. The first week of our move was mainly just assembling furniture. We’d get home from work, eat dinner, put a bed together, and pass out. The next day it would be the coffee table, and so on and so forth. We only just recently finally put together the daybed in our spare room.

The good news is that most of our other belongings were salvageable and we have a tons of wedding gifts to fill our home. Although we still have a few more boxes left to unpack, it’s so nice to finally be settled into our new home.

Top IKEA Picks

Strandmon wing chair and footstool
Liatorp coffee table
Billy / Oxberg bookcase
Hektar pendant lamp (38 cm)


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  1. Hello Brie, I like your sweet home decoration. Your home is looking beautiful and gorgeous. You have nice furniture and a great home. This post is to praise. Thanks and keep sharing.

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