29 weeks

[Thursday, July 27]

Baby is as Big as an Acorn Squash!

I always look forward to Thursdays because it means I’m into another week of pregnancy. But now it is even more meaningful because every week gives baby a better chance of being born healthy and happy.

One of the first things I did this morning was post on Facebook to let friends and family know what was happening. I received a lot of positive notes which really made my day.

Jesse dropped Hadley and me off at my parents’ house on the way to work. Since traipsing up and down stairs frequently isn’t encouraged, living in a townhouse where there is no main floor bathroom is difficult. It means I have to spend most of my day upstairs, which isn’t particularly exciting. Plus it’s boring to be stuck at home alone.

The nurse stopped by in the afternoon to check in with me again. Then my mom took me to meet my midwife at the hospital for some tests.

When I checked into the maternity ward at the hospital, the staff at the desk asked what is my due date. I felt like saying “Who really knows!?” but I told her October 12 because I know they just use it to calculate how far along I am.

One of the tests was a fetal fibronectin swab. The way it was explained to me, a negative result means it is unlikely that you will give birth in the next couple weeks. A positive result is unreliable, however, increases your odds slightly.

I found out the next day that mine did in fact come back positive but I was told that it only increased the likelihood from something like 6% to 17%.

After we wrapped up the tests, I asked my midwife again about pain management for my abdomen. She consulted a doctor but still the answer was only Tylenol. I told her I can’t sleep for more than 45 minutes to an hour and maybe only a few of those stretches a night. She suggested taking Gravol so we picked some up on the way home.

By the time Jesse came to pick me up the pain had gotten worse. I think it was all the moving around at the hospital, getting in and out of a couple beds, that did it. My mom made us dinner and sent us home with leftovers.

I took a Gravol that night and got the best sleep I’ve had in a number of days. What a relief!

To be continued …


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