Officially on bed rest

[Wednesday, July 26]

Everything is a bit of a blur of many phone calls and lots of information but I will try to get it straight (mostly thanks to call logs).

Jesse went to work since it was his last few days before going back to school for 2.5 months to finish his apprenticeship.

A friend stopped by early in the morning to borrow a backpack and stayed for a coffee with me. This was a nice distraction from everything.

By 9:30am, I hadn’t heard anything from my midwives so I called the office to see if I needed to schedule an appointment. Shortly after I spoke with one of the midwives who said they had received the ultrasound results and were reviewing them. She said that my cervix was 1.6 cm but I didn’t even ask what that even meant. I would be getting another call soon though to discuss it further.

Around 10am, another midwife called. She said that I was officially on bed rest and to let my work know I would not be returning. She had had two premature babies herself (who are happy and healthy) and so she was understanding and knowledgeable on my situation in a very caring and personal way.

She let me know that appointments would be set up with doctors at the hospital where I would now delivering – I’m lucky to live very close to one with a NICU. And that there is a Antenatal Care at Home Program which would send a nurse to check in on me.

She also said that even if baby can hang in there just one more week until 30 weeks, that it would be really positive.

After I got off the phone, I called Jesse to tell him what I learned. He left work early to come home as we originally thought we might have an appointment that afternoon. We didn’t though.

I called my work to let them know what was happening. I’m certain they did not expect me to be gone so soon (I sure didn’t) and it feels like such an abrupt way to leave. They are great though and told me not to worry about anything there. They also ordered us dinner and had it delivered to our home that evening so we would have one less thing to think about that day. It was a nice gesture and very appreciated since preparing food was really the last thing on our minds.

Next the Antenatal Care at Home Program called and said they would send over a nurse that day. A nurse would come by two times a week and other days would just phone to monitor how I was doing.

The nurse asked several questions like “Who will look after grocery shopping and cleaning the house?” Jesse. “Do you have family near by?” Yes, both our parents. “Do you have any history of mental health issues?” No. It’s nice to know that there seems to be additional assistance and resources available if you did not have enough support, however, I am fortunate to have lots.

She gave me a folder with some pamphlets on bed rest, signs of labour, and what to do and who to call if things start progressing. I was given “homework” – a log which I had to record various things throughout the day – but nothing too onerous.

By the time dinner arrived I was starving. We chowed down on some pizza and salad from Boston Pizza as well a delicious chocolate explosion dessert.

My parents had been on vacation on their boat near Port McNeil but were returning home that day coincidentally. This was such a relief and I was glad to have them home while going through all this. My mom stopped by later that evening and we had a good chat about everything going on.

Finally, after a long day, it was bed time.

To be continued …


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