Some bad news

[Tuesday, July 25 (cont’d)]

Pregnancy had been going well … a little too well perhaps. I mean, getting pregnant was a breeze! And sure I have the usual discomfort of growing a little human inside me, the frequent bathroom breaks, sore hips, and all that fun stuff. But I have experienced hardly any nausea/morning sickness, blood work and routine tests have been good, and baby is squirming away happily in my belly.

I have, however, had a few potential issues identified through my usual midwife visits and ultrasounds as I’m sure happens with all or most pregnant women. So here is a little history for context …

First of all, my fibroid, which started out as a “small” 5 centimetres but has grown to 7-8 cm. From what I understand, Fibroids are a non-cancerous tumour or tissue mass on your uterous. I’m told they are very common and, depending on size and location, in most cases are not a big deal. I recently met with an obstetrician and he said based on the position on my last ultrasound (18 weeks), the only problem it may cause is if it blocks the baby either from coming out or turning around. He didn’t give me the likelihood of that happening but if it did either of those things, I’d be getting a cessarian.

Secondly, my 18 week ultrasound showed that my placenta was a little too close to my cervix. I was told not to worry though because this was common and as the uterus grows and stretches, the placenta would most likely end up getting further away. I was instructed to schedule a follow up ultrasound for 28 weeks.

Lastly, I underwent a LEEP procedure performed about seven years ago. You know how you get those pesky pap tests done every couple years? Well I had several consequetive ones come back “abnormal.” Next I had a biopsy of cells from my cervix (colposcopy) and they found pre-cancerous cells – a little scary but caught in time! And finally I had a LEEP procedure which entailed a doctor burning the affected cells off. It sounds worse than it is. It’s a fairly common and quick out-patient procedure that I don’t recall being particularly painful. However it does carry a risk (I’m told it’s VERY small) of preterm labour in future pregnancies.

All of these things were common and none of them gave my care providers any great concern. So I tried not to worry about them.

Anyway back to my story and continuing from my last post

I woke up from my morphine sleep when Jesse got home from work. We headed to the ultrasound clinic for our 28 week ultrasound. Our ultrasound tech was great and as per usual she took me in first to complete measurements before bringing Jesse in. While she worked away clicking all the buttons, I pestered her with questions which she kindly answered. Baby was looking good. The placenta was further away from my cervix now, yay! My fibroid has grown but only a small amount, phew!

I mentioned that my midwife wanted an internal ultrasound to check cervix length and she was happy to do that (I doubt they get a lot of women asking for the internal one). We got that out of the way before the fun part where we get to see our little babe.

Jesse came in and she showed us our baby’s head, feet, hands, ribs, spine, and heart. Looking good! I can’t believe how close the feet are to the head, I had to ask, is that comfortable for the baby?? Yes, I’m told that is a normal position. Then she left to go print some photos. She was gone a little longer than seemed right but I told myself the printer was probably just busy or slow.

When she returned, she had some bad news to give us. She had reviewed the results with a doctor and my cervix was measuring short, which is and indication that I could possibly go into labour soon (How soon? I’m still not sure. I don’t know if anyone really knows). She wasn’t allowed to tell us the exact measurement but said I needed to see my doctor/midwife tomorrow to discuss it and that I would be put on bed rest. To ease our worries a little, she noted that if it was REALLY bad, they’d be sending us straight to the hospital.

I smiled and nodded and thanked her. We left and I barely made it to the parking lot before it hit me and the tears came. It’s too soon. I’m not ready. Baby is certainly not ready.

I paged my midwife that night in light of the pain I’d been having the past few days and now this. She said they would get the results in the morning and that they would be in touch. She mentioned that it might just be “short-ER” but not short and also that bed rest may not be effective. And of course, said try not to worry.

To be continued …



  1. I too had the LEEP procedure…then got pregnant within a couple months after. The doc was also worried about my cervix length, but it wasn’t an issue after all. I am praying for a long pregnancy for you (but not more than 40 weeks of course) 😉

    1. Thanks Lindsey! <3

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