Welcome to the third trimester

My blog posts are usually happy-go-lucky rambles with beautiful photos of friends and I enjoying the trails and mountains. Unfortunately things are about to get a bit more serious.

Last Thursday was my first official day of the third trimester. How exciting! And also terrifying. Things were starting to get real and the concept of having to push a baby out of me in the near future was setting in.

[Sunday, July 23]

A few days later, I woke up not feeling great. I had a few things on my to do list for the day but ended up on the couch resting and taking it was. I was having abdominal pain and things got progressively worse through the day. I got very little sleep that night but stuck it out until morning because discomfort is to be expected in the last trimester of pregnancy.

[Monday, July 24]

I finally caved at 4:45am and paged my midwives to see if I needed to go get checked out because if I wanted to be there first thing in the morning and get seen right away. She was doing a delivery but said not to worry and another midwife would call me back after shift change at 7:30am.

I hadn’t heard back by 9am so I called the office. Another midwife got ahold of me shortly after and told me to monitor things and call her every hour to check in. She recommended Tylenol, ice packs, and warm baths to help with the pain. Jesse stayed home from work with me that day to  make sure I was okay and to take me somewhere if needed.

That evening was to be our first prenatal class. I was sad to miss it but my amazing husband, Jesse, went without me. He came back and gave me the spark notes version and said he was really impressed with the teacher.

The pain fluctuated from tolerable to fairly excruciating and I could not sleep for more than 45 minutes to an hour at a time. And only a few rounds during the night. I pride myself on being an excellent sleeper so sleep deprivation is not something I am familiar with and let me tell you, it sucks.

[Tuesday, July 25]

Jesse went to work the next morning and I stayed home, unable to do much but lie on the couch and watch episode after episode of American Dad. I couldn’t focus on something of any more substance plus I wanted to keep things light and humourous.

I tried taking warm bath that morning but a muscle or something in my side started really tightening or cramping. I got out of the tub and layed down to relax it but still it got worse. I got clammy and felt like I was heading towards feinting. The pain just wasn’t subsiding so I paged the midwives again and they told me to meet them at the hospital in about an hour and a half.

I called a friend for a ride but by the time we got to the hospital, I felt stupid because the pain had decreased to a tolerable level again. But I was there so best to get checked out in case it happens again.

The hospital didn’t seem busy and since I was meeting my midwife there for a visit I didn’t need to go to do the usual emergency room wait – just went straight up to the maternity ward. Soon after they took a urine sample to rule out a UTI (later came back negative) and hooked me up to a baby monitor, which told us that the baby was doing great and squirming around lots!

Since I wasn’t showing any signs of labour, their best guess was round ligament pain and that my large (7 or 8 cm) fibroid wasn’t helping things. Babies generally go through a growth spurt around this time so it’s not unusual for that area to feel pulled and stretched. They were pleased that I happened to have an ultrasound scheduled for that evening and my midwife said to get them to do an internal ultrasound to check cervical length just to be thorough.

Unfortunately there’s not much pregnant women can do for pain. It’s either Tylenol or morphine, which seems a bit extreme. However my midwife suggested giving me a low dose of morphine with Gravol to give me some temporary relief and let me get a little sleep. I was a bit hesitant at first but I didn’t want to end up back there in a couple hours when the pain would fluctuate again towards excruciating and end up begging for morphine. So I decided there’s so time like the present!

They gave me a shot in my butt and sent me home after monitoring me for an hour. The morphine was great, although short-lived. I napped at home on my couch where I was most comfortable, only to be awoken a few times by my neighbour thumping around enough to jitter the pictures hanging on our wall (four young boys in a townhouse make a fair amount of thumps). Normally I just roll my eyes and wonder what they could possibly be doing to create so much noise but this sleep was really important to me so I banged on the wall and drifted back off.

To be continued …


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