Getting into a routine

[Monday, July 31]

I’ve got a good routine going on now that includes writing blog posts, watching TV, perusing baby names, and eating many small meals. My abdominal pain is down to what I expect is a normal amount for muscles and ligaments get fixed stretched and pulled during pregnancy. This is SUCH a relief but at the same time, it’s getting harder to just stay on the couch and relax.

I received a phone call from my midwives’ office letting me know that my appointment with Maternal Fetal Medicine has been scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. The appointment involves getting an ultrasound with the usual technician plus a specialized doctor. My hope was that they’d be able to give a better indication of when the baby might come. I have received conflicting impressions from different care practitioners which I’ve found confusing and stressful.


29 weeks + 4 days

A nurse from the Antenatal Care at Home Program stopped by in the morning. The visits are quick check-ins but I get to hear baby’s heartbeat on the Doppler which has is always a treat!

That evening was prenatal class #2 which I still can’t attend but Jesse went again without me. When he got home, he ran through the class with me using the handouts and notes he had taken in class. I think he’s going to make a great support person when baby makes its arrival!

[Tuesday, August 1]

Tuesday went by quickly thanks to a visit from my also pregnant friend Courtney. She brought me an epic baby gift basket from her and the other Run Like A Girl ladies, Dayna and Hailey. It was full of things I needed like a robe and nightgown for my hospital bag, little onesies, diapers, baby blankets, and chocolate. It was such a thoughtful gift and of course it was all contained in a cute bin that says “Adventure.”

We sat on the couch and chatted for quite a while. Hadley tried to squeeze onto the couch between us which I though was odd. She was practically laying in my lap and then would steal Courtney’s spot whenever she got up.

I wouldn’t have thought much of it but I realized she was behaving like this last week too when my friend Karen visited. Up until this point I had assumed she had no idea what was going on despite people telling me that sometimes dogs know that something’s up during pregnancy. She’s not always the brightest dog.

I’m inclined to give her some credit now as she might actually realize things are changing. I’m not sure if she’s feeling jealous of her new sibling-to-be already or protective of her mama or what but she is a bit more needy. I do think, however, that when baby gets here she will be as in love with it as we are. We’ve had a few children around her lately and she has been so amazing with them. She has such a sweet disposition.


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