Nursery shopping … from bed

[Sunday, July 30]

I didn’t sleep well again, reaffirming the need for Gravol still. I woke up early as usual and read a baby names book for hipsters. It had some good names and a lot of horrible names, but it poked fun at all them making it very confusing.

Jesse left to run some errands and my job was to finally just choose a crib and order it. Since finding out I was pregnant I had scoped out a few cribs online but just couldn’t pull the trigger for some reason … and then they’d end up being out of stock.

The style I like is clean and minimal and there are surprisingly few models around in our budget. Cribs can range from $100-$1000+ easily and I’ve noticed that most stores carry ones in the $400+ range. I looked for second hand cribs online but there were few that I liked. The few I found were not that cheap (and often admitted to having bite marks in them).

A tried to order a cheaper crib I liked from Can websites please make it more obvious when items are out of stock? I had actually added it to my cart and went to check out before it notified me that it was unavailable. Doh!

So I had to order my next choice, the Status Violet, which I really love but it costs almost $100 more.

My next task was to find a changing table. I chose the South Shore Cookie which shared the same clean lines and minimal style of my crib. I also like the mix of a soft grey with white. The reviews aren’t phenomenal for quality since it’s on the cheaper end of a dresser/change table combo, but people did seem to think it was good value for the price.

My mom made and brought us a homemade vegan mac and cheez for dinner. Delicious! Then it was time for the much anticipated new Game of Thrones episode.


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