2018 Ambassadorships

As I get back into running again, I am also getting back into working with a few running brands through my ambassadorships. Every year I get a little more picky about the companies I represent and promote. Yes, usually they come with perks but it can actually be a lot of work!

So why be an ambassador?

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love the perks … when you spend a lot on running gear and race registrations, it’s nice to get a break on some things. But in addition to that, it’s great to be a part of the ambassador communities. I feel like my social profiles are more accessible to other runners (yes, do follow and interact with me! @briehemingway on Instagram and Twitter) plus most brands have a closed ambassador group where you can socialize amongst yourselves. It’s a great way to meet other socially savvy runners, discuss the services/products you use and promote (as well as general running stuff and whatnot), and to even give positive or constructive feedback to the company.

This year I’ll be continuing three of my previous ambassadorships – BibRave (year 4), Altra Running (year 3), and West Van Run (year 3). And I’m excited to be starting a new one with Run Like A Girl!


BibRave is a website where users can read and write race reviews. They are really focused on building the running community and host a running podcast and weekly Twitter chat (#bibchat).

Altra Running

Altra Running makes zero drop, “foot-shaped” shoes for road and trails, as well as a few every day models and some running gear. They are the only shoes I wear running. I like that they are a forward-thinking brand and constantly striving for perfection.

West Van Run

The West Van Run attracts the best people and I’m honoured to be part of the ambassador group despite living way out in the suburbs. They host a ton of free group runs – I just wish I could make it out to them! Their crew is always representing at all the local races.

Run Like A Girl

This one has been a long time coming. I’ve known the Run Like A Girl ladies for several years now and love the community they have built! I feel like I’ve been an unofficial ambassador for a while – running with them all the time, wearing their awesome gear, and hashtagging #seemeRLAG. I’m excited to finally make it official! Be sure to check out their awesome races, retreats, and gear.


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