Live More Now: Goals & Motivation

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This post is part 1 of 3 in my Live More Now series.  

After giving birth to my first child, I purposely did not set any lofty fitness expectations for myself. I was out of shape from pregnancy and a few months of bed rest/reduced activity and was recovering from a c-section. I certainly wasn’t about to sign up for an ultra.

And guess what? This fun pregnancy business didn’t end when my baby was born and I didn’t get my body back away. Because there was this adorable little creature sucking all the nutrition out of me

Don’t get me wrong, I love nursing my child and all the benefits associated with it. However, breastfeeding (for me anyway) means that my body is full of hormones, I’m burning more calories, and I dehydrate way more easily.

For the first while, I woke up every morning feeling like I had arthritis in my hands. It wasn’t excruciating but enough that it would sometimes wake me up and prevent me from falling back asleep. I also had trouble with my shoulder when doing things like taking off a sports bra over my head. And worst of all, my knees and hips were more tender and susceptible to injury. Eventually these things subsided and despite continuing to nurse, I’m now getting to a place where my body is finally starting to feel more “normal” again.

An opportunity came up in April through BibRave to test out a few Buff products while tackling some goals. By this time the days were getting longer and I was excited to spend more time outside with my maternity leave buddies, my baby and my dog. I’m not solely motivated by the prospect of new gear but it definitely helps!

So I expressed my interest in participating but told them that I didn’t have any lofty plans. I just wanted to get out for more walks, hopefully hit the trails, and maybe even a get in tail-end-of-the-season easy front country snowshoe.

Full-blown summer came swiftly and by the time I received the products so the snowshoe was out (although I did see some snow). However, I have managed to get moving and achieve some even better goals.

Up next: I’ll tell you about the three Buff products that I received.


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