Some good news

My morning task was to apply for EI. While on bed rest, I am eligible for sickness leave until baby arrives at which point it will switch to maternity leave. I’m so thankful to still get the full year leave to spend with baby.

The online application was not too painful and hopefully they will process it quickly and without problem although I’ve heard this is not always the case.

Getting into a routine

I’ve got a good routine going on now that includes writing blog posts, watching TV, perusing baby names, and eating many small meals. My abdominal pain is down to what I expect is a normal amount for muscles and ligaments get fixed stretched and pulled during pregnancy. This is SUCH a relief but at the same time, it’s getting harder to just stay on the couch and relax.

Nursery shopping … from bed

I didn’t sleep well again, reaffirming the need for Gravol still. I woke up early as usual and read a baby names book for hipsters. It had some good names and a lot of horrible names, but it poked fun at all them making it very confusing.

Jesse left to run some errands and my job was to finally just choose a crib and order it. Since finding out I was pregnant I had scoped out a few cribs online but just couldn’t pull the trigger for some reason … and then they’d end up being out of stock.

The weekend

I had been sleeping in our spare room during the week. The bed was a bit easier for me to get in and out of and I didn’t want to keep Jesse up all night with my Netflix watching and restless sleep (or lack there of).

Since Gravol had greatly improved my quality and quantity of sleep, I moved back into our bed Friday night with all my many pillows. I’m sure glad we have a king bed now! I had another decent sleep.

Processing …

[Friday, July 28] Thursday had been an emotional day but I woke up more positive in the morning. Thanks to the Gravol, I was well rested (or at least decently rested) and my abdominal pain was down a few notches too. I felt more capable to handle the uncertainty. Jesse dropped me off at my […]