2017: Relentless Forward Movement

As we ring in the New Year, a common topic of conversation is upcoming plans for the year, especially among us runners. The icy streets and freezing temperatures have many of us daydreaming about all the spring, summer, and fall races and perusing Ultra Signup with a glass of wine and a credit card.

But not me.

8 things I’ve learned from my first year of marriage

Over a year ago, Jesse and I professed our love for each other in a local rose garden in front of our family and friends. We signed the paperwork, partied at our favourite restaurant, and ate wedding cake. In the following months, we occasionally got asked, “How’s married life?” Well, it’s basically the same as before, afterall we were already living together. However, here are some insights into our experience as newlyweds.

Exciting website news!

I recently acquired the domain name brielikethecheese.com and have figured out how to set it up in conjunction with my original domain name (briehemingway.com). You can now use either to get to my website and all existing links will continue to work. Basically, it should make little difference to your experience on my website but I’m […]