8 things I’ve learned from my first year of marriage

Over a year ago, Jesse and I professed our love for each other in a local rose garden in front of our family and friends. We signed the paperwork, partied at our favourite restaurant, and ate wedding cake.

In the following months, we occasionally got asked, “How’s married life?” Well, it’s basically the same as before, after all we were already living together. However, here are some insights into our experience as newlyweds.

1. Things don’t always go as planned

Within weeks of getting married, the building in which we rented a small apartment had a huge fire. The entire building was evacuated and is still being rebuilt. Luckily, most of our worldly belongings (laptops and clothes) only suffered water damage and were salvageable.

2. Being married does not preclude you from moving back in with your parents

I’ve moved back in with my folks a few times but I’m sure they didn’t expect me to be back after marrying Jesse. We called them as our building was burning down and they picked us up from the nearby coffee shop at 6am. We haven’t left since.

3. There’s no one else I’d rather live at my parents’ with

Living with the in-laws is every spouses nightmare, but Jesse has handled it very well. It helps that there is an endless supply of delicious home cooking.

4. I’m glad we didn’t spend all our money on a wedding

We kept our wedding within our means and stuck (more or less) to a budget. We still got our dream wedding but didn’t start our marriage in debt. This has allowed us to purchase our first home and which we will move into soon.

5. Everything is shared 50/50

Unless it’s food. Then it’s on a first come, first served basis and I have no one to blame but myself if I don’t get to the cookies in time.

6. I must not be very maternal

Friends complain about being constantly asked, “When are you going to have children?” after getting married. The subject of children has come up with a few close friends but I don’t randomly get asked by acquaintances or relatives.

7. I get called Brie Mackle less frequently than I thought I would

I kept my last name so I am still Brie Hemingway. There’s only been a couple instances of being addressed as Brie Mackle.

8. Nothing brings me more joy than Jesse being called Mr. Hemingway

Ok, it only happened once. We were checking into a hotel on our honeymoon and I had booked the room. The front desk clerk referred to Jesse as Mr. Hemingway. Take that, patriarchy!

Multi-Grind Challenge for BC Children’s Hospital

General-donation-sqYou may have noticed that I’ve been hitting up the Grouse Grind a lot lately. After doing my first double Grind this week, I’ve decided to test my limits and see how many I can do in one day. I will be participating in the Multi-Grind Challenge on June 21 from 4am to 10pm and my goal is to do 6 Grinds for a total of almost 18 km and over 5,000 metres elevation gain. It’s a lofty goal for me but if ultra running has taught me anything it’s to just go for it!!!

Please consider making a donation to the BC Children’s Hospital which I am fundraising for through the Grind for Kids program for the duration of the Grouse Grind season. The BC Children’s Hospital provides care for the most seriously ill or injured children and is the only hospital in BC devoted exclusively to children. Medical staff treated more than 78,000 children last year. I know a couple families who have unfortunately needed the BC Children’s Hospital recently and have heard only good things about the care they received. Through the fundraising site, you can make a one-time donation or pledge per grind that I complete. Every little bit helps them continue their amazing work! 

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How to win!

Step 1: Join my Mountain Mondays Facebook group.

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Altra Running Olympus trail runners

The Altra Olympus (valued at $189.99) are my favourite trail runners. They are a max-cushioned trail shoe with a Vibram outsole which enhances traction in uphill and downhill terrain. An impressive 36mm stack height runs evenly from front to back and features an A-Bound bottom layer to add a spring to each step and EVA top layer to take the bite out of the rugged terrain. And like every Altra shoe, the FootShape toe box keeps your feet happy, relaxed, and stable through uphill climbs and downhill descents.

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5 Peaks Cypress race registration

The 5 Peaks Cypress race (valued at $45) takes place on Saturday, July 16 and the winner can choose either the 6 km sport course or 11 km endure course. Find out more at 5Peaks.com.

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Great Climate Race registration

The Great Climate Race (valued at $20-41) takes place on Sunday, October 30 and the winner can choose either the 2.5 km or 10 km distance both of which are open to runners and walkers. Find out more at greatclimaterace.org.

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West Van Run registration

The West Van Run takes place on March 4 & 5, 2017 and the winner can choose either the 5 km or 10 km distance. Find out more at westvanrun.com.

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VanRace registration

Hosted by the VanRun running group, VanRace is Canada’s only 15 km / 30 km event! The second annual VanRace takes place on August 28 and the winner can choose from either distances. Find out more at vanrace.ca.

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Tynehead 5/8/12-hour race registration

The 5th annual Tynehead Race takes place on July 9, 2016 at the Tynehead Regional Park. Participants will be able to loop around the 4k paved park until they reach their desired time/distances. This year there is a Half Marathon, Full Marathon, 5, 8 and 12 hour option. Find out more at wetcoastevents.com.

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Exciting website news!

I recently acquired the domain name brielikethecheese.com and have figured out how to set it up in conjunction with my original domain name (brielikethecheese.com). You can now use either to get to my website and all existing links will continue to work. Basically, it should make little difference to your experience on my website but I’m stoked about it nonetheless!

However, in the event that you do have any issues, please contact me so I can fix it!