29 weeks

[Thursday, July 27] “Baby is as Big as an Acorn Squash!” I always look forward to Thursdays because it means I’m into another week of pregnancy. But now it is even more meaningful because every week gives baby a better chance of being born healthy and happy. One of the first things I did this […]

Officially on bed rest

[Wednesday, July 26] Everything is a bit of a blur of many phone calls and lots of information but I will try to get it straight (mostly thanks to call logs). Jesse went to work since it was his last few days before going back to school for 2.5 months to finish his apprenticeship. A [...]

Some bad news

[Tuesday, July 25 (cont’d)] Pregnancy had been going well … a little too well perhaps. I mean, getting pregnant was a breeze! And sure I have the usual discomfort of growing a little human inside me, the frequent bathroom breaks, sore hips, and all that fun stuff. But I have experienced hardly any nausea/morning sickness, […]

Welcome to the third trimester

My blog posts are usually happy-go-lucky rambles with beautiful photos of friends and I enjoying the trails and mountains. Unfortunately things are about to get a bit more serious. Last Thursday was my first official day of the third trimester. How exciting! And also terrifying. Things were starting to get real and the concept of […]

Home Sweet Home

They say that when it rains, it pours. Well that seems to be the case with our major life events – but in a good way! A few months after finding out we were pregnant, we moved into our first home. Or I should say started moving in … because it’s been a long, drawn out process that’s been interrupted by three weddings and a trip to France, among other things. And we still haven’t got everything unpacked yet.

The last place we lived had a huge fire and the unit we rented suffered substantial water damage. A lot of our furniture was left behind because it was pretty crappy to begin with and was likely warped from the moisture. We did manage to save our TV, awesome couch, and dining set (much to my dismay). This, combined with the fact we were moving from a one bedroom condo to a three bedroom townhouse, meant that we needed A LOT of new furniture for our place.