Weekly Training Summary: January 2 to 8, 2017

I started off the year with a bang by doing the Club Fat Ass “New Years Day 50K and Freeze Your Fat Ass Off Swim.” But technically that didn’t happen this week. It was a slow, fun run having to navigate slippery conditions and stopping at a couple Starbucks along the way. I recovered quickly and had a fantastic week following it filled with lunch runs and trail time.

Tips for Winter Run Commuting

I typically get my weekday mileage in during my lunch break, but every now and then I decide to forgo the bus in favour of running to/from the nearest SkyTrain station for part of my commute. Usually this happens in the summer, but yesterday I decided to give winter run commuting a try.

Merino Wool BUFF® Headwear

I’m no stranger to BUFF® Headwear, but this was the first time I’ve tried their merino wool version. The Merino Wool BUFF® is made of 100% natural merino wool, as compared to the usual microfibre polyester of the Original. Although merino wool is typically regarding as a moisture-wicking, winter fabric, it can also keep you cool in the summer. Merino will is also water repellent, odor resistant, flameproof, durable,and provides UV protection.