Around the Web

Here are some things of interest that I’ve found on the interwebs lately. Enjoy! Running The Run Guides website provides race listings for several major cities in North America, including Vancouver. I recently stumbled upon it having used mainly BC Race Review previously. It appears to be fairly comprehensive including many popular road races […]

Surrey Transportation Lecture Program

Thanks to Price Tags and the South Fraser Blog, two of the transportation and urban planning blogs I follow, I recently found out about the annual Surrey Transportation Lecture Program co-sponsored by SFU and the City of Surrey and promptly applied. The course is described as a comprehensive introduction to transportation in the Lower Mainland with a particular focus on Surrey. It deals with […]

ReNewton Nation

I met Jude Hannah at the Arts Council of Surrey's AGM a couple weeks ago. Jude is a local artist and the creator of the ReNewton Nation, a movement to improve community, business, and the arts in the Newton area of Surrey. Up until a couple weeks ago, I had only known of the organization [...]