Weekly Training Summary: January 9 to 15, 2017

I didn’t get to run as much as I would have likedΒ this week, but I’m already at about 179 km so far this month which feels good! Β It’s funny, a lot of people struggle to get outside this time of yearΒ but January last year was my highest mileage month ever with a total of 371 km. I must feel refreshed and refuelled after Christmas holidays.

  • Monday –Β Rest day
  • Tuesday – 9.6Β kmΒ RUNch clubΒ road run
  • Wednesday – 9Β km RunGo – Vancouver lunch road run
  • Thursday – 9.1Β kmΒ RUNch clubΒ road run
  • Friday – 12.8 kmΒ winter nighttime trail run
  • Saturday – Rest day
  • Sunday – 10.5Β kmΒ trail run
  • Total Distance – 51.2Β km
  • Total Elevation Gain – 1,473 m
  • Total Time – 6h 7m

This week featured large lunch runΒ groups during the week andΒ a couple awesome and hilarious group trail runs on the weekend.

Tuesday, January 10
Wednesday, January 11
Thursday, January 12
Friday, January 13
Sunday, January 15

Weekly Training Summary: January 2 to 8, 2017

I started off the year with a bang by doing the Club Fat Ass “New Years Day 50K and Freeze Your Fat Ass Off Swim.” But technically that didn’t happen this week. It was a slow, fun run having to navigate slippery conditions and stopping at a couple Starbucks along the way. I recovered quickly and had a fantastic week following it filled with lunch runs and trail time.

  • Monday – Rest day
  • Tuesday – 10 km RUNch club road run
  • Wednesday – 8.5 km RunGo – Vancouver lunch road run
  • Thursday – 6 km + 6 km run commutes to/from the SkyTrain
  • Friday – 10 km RUNch club road run
  • Saturday – 10.8 km snow hike
  • Sunday – 23.2 km trail run with Dylan (@sweatyyetica)
  • Total Distance – 74.9 km
  • Total Elevation Gain – 1,673 m
  • Total Time – 9h 9m

My legs only started to feel the effects of fatigue during my trail run on Sunday, but still felt strong. I’m looking forward to preparing a training plan for my next goal, the Van 100 (a double crossing of the Baden Powell sometime in May) and cranking up the trail time and mileage!

Tuesday, January 3
Wednesday, January 4
Thursday, January 5
Thursday, January 5
Friday, January 6
Saturday, January 7
Sunday, January 8

Weekly Training Summary: November 21 to 27, 2016

I’m on track to finish the year with a total of 3,000 km if I stick to running on average just over 10 km per day. I felt stronger this week than last and my road runs have been on the faster side for me. It seems that I’ve also found myself in an unplanned run streak of 14 days so far. I wonder how long it will last?

  • Monday – 7.7 km lunch road run
  • Tuesday – 8.1 km lunch road run
  • Wednesday – 9 km RunGo – Vancouver lunch road run
  • Thursday – 9.4 km lunch road run
  • Friday – 5 km lunch road run
  • Saturday – 14 km Club Fat Ass “Seymour Super Fun Run”
  • Sunday – 21.1 km Vancouver Historic Half
  • Total Distance – 74.7 km
  • Total Elevation Gain – 1,161 m
  • Total Time – 8h 10m
Monday, November 21
Tuesday, November 22
Wednesday, November 23
Thursday, November 24
Thursday, November 24
Saturday, November 26
Saturday, November 26
Sunday, November 27