BOCO Run Hat

Disclaimer: I received a BOCO Run Hat to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I was sent a BOCO Run Hat in September prior to giving birth to my daughter in October. Unfortunately between being on bed rest, being super pregnant, and then recovering from a c-section, I haven’t been able to actually try it while running. I have, however, worn it for walks while my body gets used to being active again. Below are my thoughts based on my experiences, as well as links to reviews by other runners.

Product Description

Born on the trails of Boulder, Colorado the BOCO Run Hat offers a great combination of technical fabrications to keep you focused on your run or your race.

  • Lightweight wicking woven polyester material provides a layer of protection from mother nature on the front and top panels.
  • Dry Tech polyester mesh side panels keep your head cool for the length of your workout.
  • Soft polyester mesh wicking sweatband on the inside to help move sweat away from your head keeping you focused on the trail or road.
  • Adjustable back snap buckle with tuck in pocket for any excess keeping the back of your hat tidy.
  • Updated styling with sublimated designs
  • Black underside of the bill to reduce glare
  • Curved bill
  • Machine washable


I was curious to try this style of running hat because I’ve seen many runners wearing similar ones. It’s super lightweight and although we BibRave Pros tested it in the fall and winter, it would be best suited to warm or hot temperatures. It also has a great brim for keeping the sun off your face … but I haven’t seen much of that around the Vancouver area lately. It also pairs well with a hood to keep a light drizzle off your head.


My head is a tad on the larger side so not all hats fit comfortably and some squeeze my head too much. The BOCO Run Hat has an adjustable strap at the back and a bit of stretch in the fabric. These to features allowed it to fit me perfectly (and I assume most other people).


I’m rather partial to trucker hats and toques personally. Those are basically the only hats I wear for running or otherwise. This hat was a step out of my comfort zone but like I said, I have seen other runners wear this style and always think it looks cool on them!

I’m still undecided about whether I like how it looks on me but I think once summer rolls around I’d opt for this over a trucker hat due to it being so lightweight and breathable. In the meantime, I will probably switch back to my favourite toque, also made by BOCO for BibRave, until the weather warms up or I start running fast enough to keep my ears warm!

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Cyber Monday Outdoor Gear Deals in Canada

The Black Friday shopping weekend has almost come to an end but first there is my favourite sale – Cyber Monday! I hardly shop at brick and mortar stores anymore so I’m not about to fight through crowds and lineups to save a few bucks. Instead I spent Black Friday on the trails with friends.

I do, however, have a list of a few things I need to buy. This morning I am sitting down at my computer in my pyjamas with a cup of hot coffee to see what the internet has to offer. As a Vancouver trail runner with rugged mountains practically in my backyard and a rainy climate, I have forked out some serious dough on equipment. These sales present a great opportunity to splurge on outdoor gear.

I’ve put together a short list of my essentials for getting outside – no matter what the weather!

Arc’teryx Norvan Jacket

20% off at

The Arc’teryx Norvan Jacket is a lightweight, Gortex jacket perfect for rainy winter running the trails. I wear the regular model but there is also an SL version that is incredibly light and small, but unfortunately not as durable.

Arc'teryx Cerium LT Hoody Altra Running Lone Peak Neoshells

Arc’teryx Cerium LT Hoody

20% off at and select colours 45% off (final sale) at

The Arc’teryx Cerium LT Hoody is my absolute favourite jacket. I wear it to and from my runs to stay warm and will sometimes carry it with me. It is super light and packs up small enough to fit in my 12 L hydration pack. Although definitely not waterproof, it is water resistant and will withstand a drizzle.

Altra Running Shoes

30% off at and up to 60% off at

I run exclusively in Altra Running shoes. They are a zero drop runner and have a foot-shape toe box, which means there’s extra width in the toe box for your toes to naturally splay. The Lone Peaks are an excellent trail runner with medium cushioning and great traction. They even come in a water resistant Neoshell version.

I'm in the front wearing my TransAlpine Buff. Kyle is behind me rocking his orange and yellow Buff hat.

Buff Original

30% off at

Buffs are multifunction headwear that can be worn many different ways. I have about a dozen of these in a variety of patterns and colours and never leave home without one. I typically wear them as a headband or a wristband to soak up sweat on my runs. Use them in the winter to keep your face and neck warm or in the summer to dunk in a stream and cool off.

What gear can you not live without?

Some good news

[Wednesday, August 2]

My morning task was to apply for EI. While on bed rest, I am eligible for sickness leave until baby arrives at which point it will switch to maternity leave. I’m so thankful to still get the full year leave to spend with baby.

The online application was not too painful and hopefully they will process it quickly and without problem although I’ve heard this is not always the case.

In the afternoon, I went to my much anticipated appointment with Maternal Fetal Medicine. The appointment involved an ultrasound with a technician as well as a doctor. Under normal circumstances ultrasounds are only performed with a technician and the results are sent to your doctor or midwife.

They took me in for my appointment early and it was really quick. While the technician took measurements of baby, I chatted with the doctor. He did not seem too concerned with my cervix being 1.6 cm and said that it’s on the longer side of what would get referred to them. He also said that it’s possible I could make it to full term, which is 36 or 37 weeks.

Then even better news came … my cervix still measured 1.6 cm! He described it as “stable” which is really good. He did still want me to come back next week (31 weeks) for another ultrasound but that would be it. After 32 weeks they no longer do ultrasounds for cervix length because they are not as concerned if baby arrives.

The technician apologized for not having a photo for me but she said baby was head down position and resting its face in my placenta so it wasn’t being very photogenic.

Since they had taken me in early for my appointment, Jesse arrived from school just as we were finishing up. I told him the good news and we were walking on clouds the rest of the day. I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.