Weekly Training Summary: April 20 to 26, 2015

It’s taper time! Lately, my exercising has almost been entirely limited to running even though I know that cross-training and strength training is so important! This week my goal was to hit the gym in the mornings for some non-running exercise.


  • Morning gym workout – 20 minutes of stationary biking using the “mountain” preset and finished off with a 45 second plank and some stretching. 



  • Slopitch game


  • Evening run – 14 km on trails.



  • Morning gym workout – 30 minutes of stationary biking using the rolling hills preset. 


  • Morning long run – 22.5 km on trails.

Well, I’m impressed that I actually made it to the gym! Hopefully I can turn this into a habit. It’s a great way to start a day and I already feel stronger!

Tapering has been tough. I learned what “FOMO” is recently and I have a bad case of it when it comes to trail running. I made the difficult decision to only partake in one of the weekend trail runs my friends were planning so that my body can rest up for my marathon next weekend!


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