Weekly Training Summary: June 29 to July 5, 2015

I started off the week exhausted! … But I pushed through it to log another 25 km during the week and 50 km on the weekend, including a November Project workout that left my arms sore for days! I think they’ve finally just recovered!


  • Rest day.


  • Lunch run – 8. 8 km on road.



  • Lunch run – 5 km on road.



  • Long run – 39 km on trail.


  • Morning run – 10.6 km on road.

I got a great sleep last night after passing out on the couch and at some point making the switch to the bed. Now I feel rested and ready to crush another week!

After the last two 75 km weeks, I’ve decided that I will shoot for 300 km this month. This is a huge goal for me! I’ve ran over 200 km in a month but never close to the 300 mark. I’m excited to see what happens …



  1. You’re a machine! Be careful running in this smoky craziness. I ran the treadmill today. It was awful.

    1. Yeah, I only ran 3 km yesterday and slow. There were lots of people walking around and a few other runners. Treadmills are awful! Haha I remember when I thought that they weren’t that bad … now I know better!

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