Weekend Adventures: Volunteering at Be Fearless 2016

Saturday, June 4

I’m catching up on some late posts so this is going to be short and sweet!

My friends Dayna, Courtney, and Hailey held their first trail race through Run Like A Girl called Be Fearless. The race was on Squamish trails and there were two distance options: 21k and 11k. Kyle, Chris, Mike, and I ran one of the aid stations that the 11k runners would come through once and the 21k runners twice. I was lead chopper (seriously, who put me in charge of the knives?) and I also checked in the 21k runners as they came through both times.

The race was a huge success based on my experience and the feedback received from runners. It was super sunny out and everyone seemed to have an amazing time. It was so great to be part this special day and I am so proud of my friends for putting on such a fantastic event that helped others push their limits and achieve their goals!


Sunday, June 5

Since we didn’t actually run during the Be Fearless race, Kyle, Dayna, and I hit up Grouse Mountain for a double grind with a run down Skyline in between. It was crazy hot out and there were three rescues on the Grouse Grind that day. We saw once man being carried down in a stretcher. Skyline was a new trail for us and was fun to run down. When we made it to the top of the Grind the second time, we grabbed a bit to eat and took the gondola back to our cars.


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